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Boven Wolken.

Boven Wolken.



A whole new world is going to open for us as we are above the clouds.
It is bright and light followed by many different shaped clouds.
In fine weather with light rays of the sun with multiple colors.
Evening by a bright moon and a dark sky.
High mountains or buildings may also be surrounded by clouds.
If we stay there ourself to be at such a height level, we can see a different picture than from the ground.
Everything seems much smaller than in real and it give us a different feeling.
The atmosphere of the air is not the same as on the ground and You can lose Your energy quickly.
You’re more likely to be tired and may suffer difficult in breathing.
This can cause problems for some of us.
But if we have taken the precautious procedure before, little can goes wrong because we will be supply with oxygen tank to make us easy for breathing.
It is certainly will be a big experience , I strongly recommended You to do it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Author Jan Jansen

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